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What's What in South Osborne

Updated: Sun-Mar-29    To the best of my knowledge, here's a list of the status of businesses on/in South Osborne. I'll keep the list as up-to-date as I can but I recommend calling or checking the website/Facebook page of any these businesses first.

This are trying times for small business, it is all of our best interest to support them as much as we can if we want them to still be there later. 


Fort Rouge Dental   Open for emergency treatment only    204-284-8216  

Safeway   Open    204-475-0793    

The Medicine Shoppe  Open - call first for hours or delivery    204-504-9333 


7-11   Open - social distancing    204-985-0122    

Black Market Provisions   Order Online for Pick-up     204-477-5500

BMC Market  Dine-in - social distancing - or Take-out    204-415-5192  

Chaeban Ice Cream   Shop CLOSED  - product at Sobey's, Safeway and other stores

Chocolate Zen Bakery   Open - social distancing - or contactless delivery    Call 204-287-2253    

Clubhouse Pizza & Chicken   Pick-up or Delivery     204-284-1212  

Diner's Choice   Pick-up or Delivery    Call 204-452-7915    

Dominos   Pick-up or Delivery    Call 204-615-5559    

I Heart BBQ      Pick-up Only     204-477-1290     

Jade Inn   Pick-up or Delivery    204-474-2397 

Leopold's Tavern  Pick-up Only until 8pm   204-421-5367     

Little Sister Coffee Maker   Shop CLOSED - Online ordering and free delivery   204-222-6306   

Marigold   ???     204-474-2401  

Monticchio Ristorante   Pick-up or Skip the Dishes     204-477-4773

Oakwood Cafe   CLOSED  Planning to re-open April 1     Call 204-475-4250

The Oxbow   Pick-up Only - call to order     204-691-5373

Park Line Coffee  Sit-in - social distancing - or Take-out   204-421-8383   

Pizza King   Pick-up or Delivery- call first to order    204-233-5464  

Safeway   Open    204-475-0793    

Subway   Take-out Only    204-475-8055    

Vera Pizzeria   Pick-up Only - call first to order    204-222-6306    

Other Services

Alise Frederic Salon & Spa   Shop CLOSED - Online order for product & gift certificates    204-421-9411

Balmoral Laundry   Open - social distancing    204-453-7011

Burton Lysecki Books   Store CLOSED  Order Online or by Phone for delivery     204-284-4546

Game Knight Games   Open - social distancing    204-487-4263

Grape & Grain   Open - social distancing - credit/debit/NO cash    204-257-6770

Knight Archer Insurance   Shop Open by appointment only    204-284-2671

Osborne Auto Centre   Open - reduced hours - social distancing - call first    204-284-3384

Osborne Florist   Online and Phone Orders (some restrictions)    Call 204-284-8065

Park Alleys   CLOSED   204-475-0585    

Pingk Hair Care    CLOSED     204-284-4440    

Spruced Hair Design   Shop CLOSED - Online order for product

tonychestnut   Shop CLOSED - Online orders 

Turtle Island Massage Therapy    CLOSED    204-284-3677

WPG Cycle Studio    CLOSED    204-775-2453  

Other Sites

These sites are also posting about business status in Winnipeg.  Tourism Winnipeg and Access Winnipeg.   Not all Osborne businesses are listed on these sites (if they were, I wouldn't be doing this page) but there is other useful info on them.


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