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Alas, our backyard shows for this year came to an end last week with a well-attended and absolutely lovely show by Leaf Rapids w/Knob Tube. So grateful to everyone who came out to one or more of our shows this past summer - it's a three legged stool, as we always say.

So, we turn our attention to our smaller, more intimate living room shows this Autumn. Response has been incredibly good so far, with two of the shows already SOLD OUT.

To reserve seats, or add your name to the Waitlist, email


We kick off the Livingroom run on October 18 with Rumour Mill. Great vocals, great players, catchy tunes!

Here's a snippet from their website:

"Rumour Mill is an indie-folk duo headed by multi-instrumentalists, Anna Katarina and Aline Daigle, currently residing in beautiful BC. They are actively working on their first full-length album (2023), funded by FACTOR’s Juried Sound Recording grant.

Imagine the sounds of Fleetwood Mac, Brandi Carlile and First Aid Kit melding with a lush topography of violin, harmonies, keys, guitar and mandolin."

The proof is in the viewing, check out their video for 'Whiskey'

We still have spots available ($20pp) for this show, so come show some Winnipeg hospitality and discover some new music!


Brent is once again playing Wits End but this time solo - just a couple of guitars and an old amp in tow. Sure to be a spectacular night of the blues and chuckles.

This show is SOLD OUT but there is a Waitlist in case of cancellations.


Two of our local favourites, Chris Carmichael and Jamie Buckboro form this incredibly talented duo. We've been entertained by each of these guys individually before but BAM, now we have Carbuckle!

There are a very few tickets ($25pp) available for this one, so get 'em while the getting is good!


It's not often that Mark plays a solo gig that allows him to spotlight his songwriting, playing, and singing, so we're really pleased to present him O Solo Mio.

This show is SOLD OUT but there is a Waitlist in case of cancellations.

That's all for now folks we do have 'irons in the fire' though, so stay tuned, take care, and make nice!

Ian & Trudy

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