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Lush Life!

Hello from Wits End Headquarters! Just a few things to let you know...

The Wits End backyard is lush and in bloom - we're so happy with how our yard has rebounded from the winter and wet damage! Now it's just waiting for you to grace it with your derrière for a house concert...or two...or three.


News Flash - we've only three backyard concerts left here a Wits End this year:

Tomorrow, July 26 we have 0Stella, an Irish-Canadian musician riding solo by bicycle across Canada. There's still spots available on the lawn, so give us a dingle if you'd like to reserve one (or more) - or just show up. Suggested donation of $20.

Wednesday, July 27 we have legendary bluesman and Order of Canda recipient Big Dave McLean.

If you don't already have reservations I'm sorry to say that the show is completely SOLD OUT. If you do, well then you're in for one heck of a show!

Thursday, September 8 we have Leaf Rapids to close out our season. What's not to love about this quirky collection of four of the loveliest (and super talented) human beans around.

Make your reservations today!

$25 per person.

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