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COVID-19 Precautions at Wits End Backyard Concerts

Updated: Aug 26, 2020

Hi. We hope everyone is continuing to keep safe and well.

Our series of concerts in our backyard this summer have been a remarkable success supporting the local performing arts community.

More recently we've decided not to host house concerts in our home over the Fall and Winter but instead are planning a series of shows every fourth Sunday at The Park Theatre. Your safety and health at these shows is our first priority.

Along the way we've gathered input from the Government of Manitoba and attendees to improve our COVID-19 precaution plan. Thanks to those that provided feedback and to everyone for adhering to our 'rules.

We said at the outset that we intended to set a good example of community-minded cooperation and sensible behaviour and I think we collectively have done that.

Of course, the situation is ever-evolving and so what follows is our current precaution plan for our events.

In reserving ticket(s) and attending, you agree to abide by the following Wits End COVID-19 Precaution Plan:

Existing Illness

If you are feeling unwell, displaying any of the symptoms attributed to COVID-19, have tested positive for COVID-19, or have been in contact with someone who tested positive for COVID-19, please stay home. We highly recommend that attendees take the Province of Manitoba's Screening Tool the day of each show.

Safe Distancing

Safe distancing (6' / 2m) will be in place, which includes space for aisles and a buffer zone around the stage area.

Seating is assigned based on 'bubbles' of folks that agree that it is safe for them to sit together. This allows us to create a seating plan that ensures safe distancing.

Mingling will be curtailed because these are not normal times. Please attend these shows as Come-Listen-& Leave events. Plan to arrive about 30 minutes before the music start time and leave immediately after the show. Should the musicians offer merchandise for sale, this will follow the presentation. In many cases, there will be no intermission - just one long set.

Payment for tickets must be prepaid at least 72 hours before the show. We greatly prefer you eTransfer to Payment by other means only by prior arrangement.

While at Wits End

Biological Needs

We've rented a portapotty for events at Wits End. The portapotty will be equipped with hand sanitizer but it's also a good idea to bring your own so you can use it before and after you touch anything. Our home will not be open to attendees at any time.

Do NOT bring a chair - we supply those.

So, what to bring? Do Bring any snacks, beverages, ice, utensils, etc. you like but please do not share with others unless part of the same household! Wits End will not be providing food or beverages - another COVID casualty. AND...please take with you anything you brought into the yard - there are garbage and recycling bins behind the garage you are welcome to use for disposal.

Another thing to bring (but not share) is bug spray - if you're so inclined. Please apply before arriving in deference to others.

Smoking or vaping on our property is not permitted.

Gimme shelter! Our backyard is not covered, so you will be exposed to the elements. Wear appropriate clothing. We are planning alternate dates in the event of rain or high winds.

Masks - updated August 26, 2020

Wearing masks is required when not seated. Once in your seats, it is your option. Masks are worn to protect others, so they are by far most effective when everyone wears them - please do.

Should you not have a mask, we've made arrangements with a volunteer group to sell cloth masks for $4 each at the shows.

The Fine Print

The precaution plan may change at any time in response to changes in Government policy, guidelines, and recommendations or if the hosts feel for any reason that changes are warranted, which may include the cancellation of some or all shows.

All proceeds go to the performers. Wits End is supplying the PA system and the portapotties.

Refunds will automatically be issued in the event of cancellation for any reason. If you should choose not to attend afer confirming, please notify us in advance.

Support Local Live Music

Ian & Trudy Mattey

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