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Chipping Away the Hours that Make Up a Dull Day

Well, it's certainly a helluva time isn't it!? Who would have thought three months ago that it would come to this - hunkering in our houses, apartments, whatever, for the benefit of the common good. Three months ago Trudy and I were in Mexico complaining that the weather had not been as nice as the previous year but never-the-less walking the beach, eating copious amounts of camerones, and enjoying the company of friends....that seems SO long ago.

It's day 8 of almost total self-isolation for us and we're doing fine. We're social distancing when we do come out for supplies or a walk. We've got supplies, including a good stock of TP, and things to do. We're mastering the art of contact delivery and pick-up.

I've been spending a lot of time (too much) on line chit-chatting and promoting local musicians and businesses as much as I can. I've added info to this website about both. One piece of good news is we've seen Live Streaming absolutely explode - almost to the point of overload - in a week. Most of these shows include a way to 'tip' the performer and links to buy their's helping a very vulnerable group that has a lot more societal value than we realize.

We have a musician staying with us. Orit Shimoni was in Winnipeg to play a couple of house concerts (not at Wits End) but we were putting her up and when the shutters came down, well, here she was. Orit has certainly led an interesting life, especially as a performer but that's her story to tell. I've started giving Orit driving lessons. In exchange, she's started giving me guitar lessons. Neither of us are naturals.

Trudy has been quilting and reading and both of us have been enjoying the sunshine and chipping away at the ice on the patio, sidewalks, and garage apron. In the midst of all this, the young neighbours next door had their first child. Trudy already completed a quilt for the occasion.

One thing I haven't spent much time on is my models. But that will probably change. I've also had to spend a lot of time chasing down cancellations related to our April trip to Spain and Italy. We've also cancelled the reservations related to a planned visit from a UK cousin in July & August that now is all but off.

I, like I'm sure most of you, have been thinking a lot about two things lately: things we maybe took for granted that we should be grateful for; and similarly, things we need to do differently when the clouds clear. That will be the topic of my next blog.

Until then, stay safe and stay home!

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