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A Change is as Good as a Rest?

My, Oh My - we've reached the end of July. Ahead lay the dog days of August - more festivals, local corn, ripe tomatoes, and music, music, music.

For Trudy and I August means a break from hosting shows at Wits End. Instead we're letting others do the hosting. We'll be off to Regina for their compact Folk Festival with some great performers including one of our favourites, and Regina's own Belle Plaine.

We're barely back before we head the other direction for Trout Forest Music Festival. So many of our music friends are attending or playing; it's going to be amazing! This is our first time at the Festival...Trudy and I are looking forward to listening to music from the water.

We also have lots of individual shows in town lined up, including: The Weber Brothers, Zachary Lucky, JD Edwards Band, Sue Foley, Belle Plaine, Andrina Turenne, and Fortune Block.

We're also providing accommodations for The Weber Brothers while they're in Winnipeg for their Blue Note Park gig on the 9th and for a band from Kingston called The Wilderness, who are performing at The Goodwill Social Club on the 18th. Added to that mix we have two family birthdays and two weddings.

A few of you know, but now all of you will, that Trudy and I also do 'advance' work for The Small Glories. In August they have shows/festivals in Canmore, PEI, Indiana, and Denmark.

So, ya, we're busy.

September 8th sees us back in the hosting saddle again with local favourites Leaf Rapids in the backyard. This was supposed to be our first pandemic show - but ya know - COVID has a way of messing things here we are again! There's still room left on the lawn: RSVP soon! $25 pp.

The third week of October we move into the living room with BC multi-instrumental duo Rumour Mill ($20pp) on the 18th and the ever-young, ever-amazing Brent Parkin ($25pp) on the 20th. Tickets for Brent are almost all gone, so RSVP now if you want seats!

Finally, while Wits End doesn't have any shows on in August, other house concert venues do - and like us, they've been experiencing sluggish response for shows now that pretty much everything has opened up. So, if you're interested in Zachary Lucky on the 10th or Fortune Block on the 28th, please contact Pam Friesen at

Take Care Y'all - Play Nice!

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