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Wits End's Commitment to Live Music and Musicians

We've always been music lovers and LOVE the fact that we live in a city so filled with great musicians.  We retired a few years ago and, while on a celebratory road trip, decided to make active support of music a big part of our post-retirement lives.  We decided to host house concerts and musicians themselves. 

We've since rebuilt our deck to be a stage, landscaped our yard to allow for larger audiences, bought our own PA system (and learned how to use it!), remodeled our rec room into a guest suite (complete with full bathroom) for travelling musicians, put up a Facebook page and built (this) website, and built a large following.  

Along the way we even found ourselves doing volunteer work for The Small Glories (we advance their tours and update their interweb presences.  Trudy also volunteers with the West End Cultural Centre, Manitoba Theatre Centre, and Crankie Fest.  

Here's a link to our Guest Suite page.  Email us if you'd like to stay with us.  By the way, you don't have to play with us to stay with us!  

We are not alone, there are several other great house concert venues in town.  There's also our great established venues like Times and The Park Theatre and Park Alleys to name a few.  Here's a link to Contact Info for you to use.

Everything we do, we do for you because everything you do, you do for all of us!

Peace & Love

Ian & Trudy Mattey

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