Winter Series
at The Park Theatre

All of our remaining Winter Series shows have been cancelled due to COVID. 

Live Streaming Shows

If you can't come to the show, well maybe the show can come to you - by live streaming...

We've booked a first show using Zoom with Romi Mayes.  If it's successful, we'll look at booking some more until such time as we can be together in person.

A Romi Mayes Valentines

Romi returns to Wits End for Valentine's - virtually of course.  Got an aching in your heart?  You know where you oughta be... Saturday, February 13 at 7:30 pm

Tickets just $15 per device, available through Eventbrite


A small fee will be added.  Just 95 total spots available.  ​Once you buy your ticket, Eventbrite will send you the Zoom link for the show.  

Summer 2021 Wits End Backyard Shows

Some folks have asked if we intend to put on shows in our backyard this summer.  The answer is complicated but is basically this:

If the situation is the same as last year where indoor venues could not operate but it was OK to do live shows outdoors like we did, then yes, we'd do it again to help our local music community as much as we can.   

If the situation is that indoor venues can operate, then we'd probably only do a few shows that we think wouldn't compete with the indoor venues because the indoor venues are a BIG part of why we have the wonderful music scene we do - and they need your attendance to recover!

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