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Wits End Wednesdays at The Park Theatre

+ Wine Wednesdays with Trudes

All Shows Seated


JD 3 B&W photo edge.png

A distinguished singer/songwriter, multi-instrumentalist, and musician, JD traces his roots from southern Ontario to his current home in Winnipeg. His artistry is a formidable presence in the music world. As an award-winning talent, JD enchants audiences whether with The Small Glories, The JD Edwards Band, or in his solo endeavors.


His music is a tapestry of mesmerizing melodies and poignant lyrics that consistently evoke awe. JD Edwards is an undeniable musical force, celebrated for his exceptional talent and his ability to forge profound connections with listeners through his heartfelt compositions. In the realm of music, JD stands as a true luminary.

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Mark Reeves 3 B&W.png

A fresh breath of air, Mark is a classic example of one of those rare, blazingly talented independent artists who leaves unsuspecting audiences’ slack-jawed and eager for more.


Pierre Guerin, former artistic director of the famed Winnipeg Folk Festival and past president of the North American Folk Alliance, agrees, “Mark is not only at ease performing, he owns the stage, even more impressive is the attention and care he pays to his craft as a songwriter”. "Mark has a powerful charisma and raw chemistry that slays an unsuspecting audience - one standing ovation after another."

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Buckboro 5 B&W photo edge.png

One of Winnipeg's most versatile and dynamic performers, Jamie Buckboro is a human jukebox of incredible songs, not the least of which are his own.  Able to add gravel or growl at the drop of a hat, he can also lay down a silky smooth vocal to make one melt.

Some say he does ‘Neil’ better than ‘Neil’.  You can also hear him in his bands Honeysliders, Jivetown, and Tobacco Flowers & Gin.

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