Upcoming Wits End Shows

Updated May 23, 2022 7:30 am

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We're pleased to announce our 2022 Summer Backyard series - we think it's a great mix of up-and-comers and established musicians that you'll really enjoy!


But first, we have two more shows we're co-presenting with The Park Theatre that we'd love to see you at! 

The Park Theatre - 698 Osborne St.  

Story Tellers - Songwriters Circle  |  Wed, May 25

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Every song paints a picture, every picture tells a story.  Some songwriters have a depth to their lyrics and music that are so evocative they seem real and surreal at the same time. 


We've invited Orit Shimoni, Scott Nolan, and Belle Plaine, all songwriters that exemplify this description, to share some of their songs and the stories behind them in what is sure to be an intimate and entertaining evening. 


Doors: 7:00 |  Show 8:00  | 

Tickets $25 thru Eventbrite or RSVP & etransfer to ian.mattey@gmail.com

Ridley Bent & The Killer Tumbleweeds  |  Thurs, June 16

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Ridley Bent serves up tall tales, sweet rhymes, and love songs, with a dash of mayhem and murder on the side. Backed by his killer band, the Killer Tumbleweeds, this is definitely one night you do not want to miss.

We first caught Ridley Bent in a friends backyard a half dozen years ago.  That show was the inspiration for Wits End!  Since then we've seen Ridley many times and each time has been a wonderful blend of fresh and old favorites.  In case you don't know Ridley, here's Ridley's YouTube channel.  

Doors 7:00 |  Show 8:00  | 

Tickets $25 thru Eventbrite  or RSVP & etransfer to ian.mattey@gmail.com 

Wits End Backyard - 310 Bartlet Ave

Peter Paul Van Camp w/Kate Ferris & Fred Casey | Sun, June 19

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In his own words, "Peter Paul Van Camp, who continues to be among the last of the fully-bespectacled Rhymesters still active on the folk circuits, is returning to Winnipeg to observe a portion of his 50th year in the Show World, with the expressed aim of adding to his local reputation - - one rather well expressed in the phrase "Poetry, In Its Very Best Trousers"."  It will be a spectacle of spectacles!

I first saw PPVC after moving back to Winnipeg in 1978.  He was a regular at UMSU along with the likes of Al Simmons and others.  This is definitely a 'blast from the past'.  Over the years PPVC has further honed his craft, hosted at the Winnipeg Folk Fest, and found his way to the warm and granola-laden confines of Salt Spring Island.  He returns in sartorial splendor to Manitoba this summer!

Gate 1:00 |  Show 2:00  |  Tickets $20 by RSVP & etransfer to ian.mattey@gmail.com   

Avery Florence | Sun, June 26


Wake Up!  That's the name of Avery Florence's 2022 tour.  We discovered Avery last summer when she showed up for the Burs show - friends from Toronto.  Little did we know that Avery is a wonderful musician too....to hear the whole story you're just going to have to come out to the show. 


Avery is a fierce advocate for the environment, a theme that winds through much of her 'soft-soul' music, and the major reason for her tour.  Here's a link to Avery's YouTube Channel - check out her newest release 'Someday'.

Gate 1:00 |  Show 2:00  |  Tickets $15 by RSVP & etransfer to ian.mattey@gmail.com

Big Dave McLean | Wed, July 27


We've been following Big Dave McLean for nearly 40 years - since the Blues Jams at the Viscount Gort with the likes of the very young Mark Reeves and Tim Butler and the Atomic Thumb on bass.  So we are thrilled to be finally hosting him in our backyard for an evening of Blues! 


Order of Canada recipient, Legend, there are no lack of superlatives to describe Dave's music and his contributions to the music industry.  You can check out Dave's music on his YouTube channel and click Here for a link to a CBC video of one of Dave's most iconic songs. 

Gate 6:00 |  Show 7:00  |  Tickets $25 by RSVP & etransfer to ian.mattey@gmail.com   

PillowFace | Thu, August 11

PillowFace Fun Pic.jpeg

Together Elle and Elijah are PillowFace.  As established solo artists in Calgary, they have come together to bring you whimsical, lighthearted and often dreamy folk-pop tunes. 2022 has them busy brewing new music and working on recording and releasing these treats for your ears. You can listen to their solo projects @elijahlucian on Spotify and www.ellemcandrews.com

Elle McAndrews came to our attention through a friend.  We were hooked after hearing her debut EP 'Hanging by a Thread'!  We've been after her to do a backyard show ever since but COVID.  Finally, success!

Gate 6:00 |  Show 7:00  |  Tickets $15 by RSVP & etransfer to ian.mattey@gmail.com   

Fontine & Friends  |  Wed, August 31

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Fontine is both new and familiar.  She's just starting her solo career as a singer-songwriter yet we've gotten to know her over the past several years performing with Boy Golden, Sol James, the Solutions and others.  Possessed with a passionate, powerful voice, she is proving why her music deserves to be center-stage.  


Fontine will be appearing at the 2022 Winnipeg Folk Festival in July.  


Gate 6:00 |  Show 7:00  |  Tickets $20 by RSVP & etransfer to ian.mattey@gmail.com   

Leaf Rapids | Thu, September 8


We love Leaf Rapids' kind of quirky sound and even more Keri, Devin, Joanna, and Chris themselves - they are finest kind.  


Beneath the surface of their music lies lyrics of a depth and breadth that's rarely found these days.  Their most recent album 'Citizen Alien' is knock-it-out-of-the-park (click here for videos to prove it!)

They were supposed to be our very first backyard concert way back in June 2020 but, alas, that never happened.  It's taken this long for the stars and schedules to align to actually host them in our backyard.  Please join us for an evening of wonderful music by wonderful musicians...


Gate 6:00 |  Show 7:00  |  Tickets $25 by RSVP & etransfer to ian.mattey@gmail.com