COVID Plan for Wits End

The following is the 7-point COVID Plan for backyard concerts at Wits End, designed so that everyone in attendance can feel safe and comfortable for these events.

1) ALL in attendance must be fully (2+2) immunized.  This includes the musicians, who have been very supportive of this by the way.  It will be necessary to show your proof of full immunization before entering the yard.


2) Seating will once again be by bubble with a maximum of 8 in a bubble.  Bubbles will be kept 2 meters distanced.


3) Masks are required when not seated.  


4) Patrons are discouraged from mingling. You are asked to arrive no more than 30 minutes before show start time and to depart immediately after the show.  You are welcome to bring your own snacks and drinks to share within your own bubble but please do not share with other bubbles.


5) A portapotty, equipped with hand sanitizer, will be on-site for the shows.  It is cleaned thoroughly each week by the provider.  Hand sanitizer is also available at both gates to the yard.


6) Contact information for all attendees is recorded in case tracing should be required.


7) Attendees are advised not to attend if they have any COVID symptoms or have been in direct contact with a person with COVID in the past 14 days.