The More Things Change...

Updated: Saturday, November 26, 2022 9:00 PM

Hope you're enjoying the warm spell, we are.  Lately we've been trying to wrap our heads around Christmas, trying to find a path through all the minefield of advertising and events and such to a tranquil few days with family.  That's really what we want for Christmas.  Our kids are adults now with spouses and lives of their own.  There's even a first grandchild on the way!  This year we've collectively decided just to do stockings with 'little' things and do make a group donation to families in need.  That's us.  We'll do us.  You do you.  

Music is always a part of our lives, though we've been lying low lately - in no small part so we're healthy to host shows here at Wits End.  Speaking of, we're pretty darn excited by what's coming up and the irons we have in the fire - stay tuned on the later front!  We're also grateful that your response to the shows has been so great. It certainly makes the effort all the more rewarding when they sell out quickly.  BTW, we could use a few more for the Daniel Jordan show January 19th - it'll be great!  

We also appreciate it so much when friends tell friends!  Our email list has grown to nearly 600 folks now thanks a lot to word of mouth.  

At the end of the day, it's all about supporting music.