What's Next at/for Wits End 

Wits End continues to evolve and adapt with the times and our instincts about who/what we want to be.  We like to keep it 'fresh', so we're also open to the sound of opportunity knocking and intriguing shows.  

More recently we're been working with The Park Theatre; we're so grateful for their support.  Our recent shows with Sweet Alibi, Tobacco Flowers & Gin, and Orit Shimoni were wonderful and good for the soul - so needed in these trying times.  We have upcoming shows at The Park featuring Storytellers: a Songwriter's Circle and Ridley Bent & The Killer Tumbleweeds.  

At the same time, as we return to 'normal', we feel we want to return to what we wanted our 'normal' to be: a mix of up-and-coming and established talent both local and travelling.  Also only a half-dozen or so shows each year.    


We're honoured and flattered by so many requests to know if/when/who we'll be hosting in our backyard this summer - we truly feel blessed to have so many friends and supporters out there!  We booked some very special shows for the backyard click here to see the list.


Supporting Live Music