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Could it be!?

Updated: May 26, 2023

Last night was special.  Joël Fafard was in the backyard on a warm but windy Winnipeg evening with his slide guitar all ready in a lather.  As if that wasn't magical enough, old friends Gilles Fournier and Jeremy Penner from their Scruj MacDuhk days dropped by and sat in for most of the evening - WOW!

And so this morning we bask in the glow of a great show and cast our eyes forward to a couple of busy but non music related months ahead of us.  

We're back at it in early August with another Songwriters Circle on the 3rd featuring Slow Leaves, Jess Rae, and Orit Shimoni and then on the 10th with Joe Nolan.

Hope to see you then!

Ian & Trudy Mattey


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