Running Back to the Livingroom 

Our Summer - Backyard series has reached its terminus.  Time to retreat to the cozy comfort of the living room.  

We're pleased to have gotten back to our original concept of hosting 'out-of-towners' and 'up-and-comers' this year.  In that vein, we have Rumour Mill on October 18.   You'll just have to trust our judgement but, we think that one day, you'll be able to say 'I saw them at an intimate show at Wits End before they made it big!'. 

The rest of our living room line up so far includes Brent Parkin (solo), Carbuckle (Chris Carmichael & Jamie Buckboro), and Mark Reeves (solo).  That takes us to the end of 2022.  Still working on 2023....stay tuned.

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