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Updated: February 1, 2023 4:30 PM

Our first couple of shows of 2023 were delightful all around - great music full of love and passion, attentive and appreciative audiences, and full houses.  Thank you!

In just 9 days time we have the incomparable Scott Nolan and Joanna Miller gracing our living room followed two days later by Ridley Bent w/Chris Dunn - a show we've grinningly titled Straight Outta Wolseley in deference to Ridley's Hic Hop style.  We've been talking to the musicians and we know they're excited for these shows. 


Scott & Joanna are sold out but there are a couple of tickets left for Ridley - just sayin'

March is coming in like a lion, at least for us.  We sold the last of the seats for The Songwriters Circle on March 9 with Andrina Turenne, Madeleine Roger, and Ella Korth just this morning.  Also just this morning, we announced The New Customs on March 8 - already 1/3 sold for that one.  

We're always trying new ideas here at Wits End in the vein of keeping it fresh (and also a change is as good as a rest).  The back-to-back idea seems to be being received well by everybody, which we appreciate.  We really like the Songwriters Circle style of shows, so we're planning to make our monthly back-to-backs consist of one Songwriters Circle show and one full performance show.   We're always happy to have your feedback on what we're doing, so let us know what you're thinking!

Stay Safe!

Ian & Trudy Mattey

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