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Then There Was None!

Updated: November 24, 2023

Well, that's a wrap!  So many thoughts and emotions on hosting our last house concert but what seems most important right now is simply to say thank you to all of the amazing, wonderful, generous, human beings that have performed or listened with us in the last four years.  It truly has been our pleasure and we are so very grateful. 

Now, let's officially unwrap something new, shall we?!  We're very excited to announce that we'll be working with our friends at The Park Theatre for a very limited series of unique, seated, listening shows in their wonderful venue, curated with Wits Ends' audience in mind.  Better sound, better lighting, bigger audiences, and Trudy and I don't have to move the furniture around to make it happen.  The first show is February 28 - a Songwriters Circle with JD Edwards, Mark Reeves, and Jamie Buckboro - three Winnipeg powerhouses!


Ian & Trudy Mattey

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